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About Cincinnati Cryotherapy

More Info About Cincinnati Cryo: What It Is & How It Works

Limitless Cryotherapy is the place for Whole Body Cryotherapy in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Below, you’ll find general information about Cryotherapy’s benefits & history. You can also learn more, plus book your own Cryotherapy Session at our Cincinnati location (in East Walnut Hills).

Table of Contents

1. Intro to Cryotherapy

2. Benefits of Cryotherapy

3. Getting Ready for Your First Cryotherapy Session

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Intro to Cryotherapy

Cincinnati Cryo Sessions at Limitless Cryotherapy

The therapeutic power of cold exposure has been recognized by healers for centuries (ice baths, cold showers, snow meditation, and more).

At our Cincinnati Cryotherapy center, you can experience the next generation of this ultimate wellness reboot in our Whole Body Cryo Chamber.

Cryotherapy is a process designed to safely expose your body to ultra-low temperatures (-150°F and colder), which has been shown to stimulate health & athletic recovery.

Brief exposure to these freezing temperatures has been shown to reduce inflamation, boost athletic recovery, and help relieve chronic pain. Plus, the invigorating, mind-body treatment only takes 3 minutes!

Even just a single session of Cryotherapy can be beneficial, especially when recovering from athletic exertion. However, Cryo is most effective when used regularly… some athletes even using it daily as a part of their recovery process!

Wondering if Cryotherapy is Right for You?

Benefits of Cryotherapy

How Our Cincinnati Cryotherapy Sessions Can Help

There are a wide range of Benefits observed from Whole Body Cryotherapy of the type you’ll receive at a Cincinnati Cryo Session. These include both scientifically studied & quantified benefits, as well as anecdotal benefits other Clients have described after treatment.

Here are just some of the numerous benefits of integrating Cryotherapy into your own healthy lifestyle:

1. Improve Athletic Recovery.

This was the original most popular reason many started getting into Cryotherapy.

World class athletes who have been incorporating Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions into their training & recovery regiment include:[1]

  • Floyd Mayweather,
  • Lebron James,
  • Steph Curry,
  • Usain Bolt,
  • And many more…

Similar to an ice bath, ice pack, or cold shower, a Cryotherapy session can help improve your body’s recovery time after training & maximize your athletic performance.

2. Reduce Inflammation.

One of the biggest health problems of today’s world is inflammation. From the foods we eat, to the stressful lifestyles we live, to the small injuries we endure over life… It seems like everything is causing more inflammation.

Reducing inflammation, both at the site of an acute & painful injury, and throughout the whole body, have long been known as benefits of cold.

Local ice packs are great for a sprained ankle or wrist, but Whole Body Cryotherapy can achieve a similar impact throughout your entire body!

3. Boost Overall Wellness.

The theory is that this brief, extreme cold shock to your body’s outer surface, will trigger a number of health-promoting physiological changes in the body.

Initially, the blood vessels will constrict, moving blood away from the extremeties & toward the center of the body (and its vital organs). This natural response to the extreme cold triggers several responses in the body that all have a beneficial impact on your health, like:

  • immune system boost (creating more white blood cells),
  • better overall circulation,
  • boosted collagen production,
  • increased metabolic rate,
  • and even release of endorphins (the body’s “feel good” chemical)

4. Reduce Pain Caused Injuries, Arthritis, and Migraines.

There have been several studies published on the positive effects of Cryotherapy on those suffering pain.

A study published in 2000 found that Cryotherapy offered temporary relief from their Rhematoid Arthritis pain.[2]

Another study from 2017 also found that Cryotherapy was effective for relieving muscle pain & speeding healing of sore or injured muscles.[3]

Finally, a study from 2013 found that targeted Cryotherapy on the neck could help prevent migraine headaches, or at least significantly reduce their painful symptoms.[4]

5. Reduce Anxiety & Depression.

Cryotherapy doesn’t only have physical benefits:

The effects of brief exposure to these ultra-low temperatures also have mental health benfits as well.

A study in 2008 found that 1 out of 3 people suffering from depression or anxiety reported reduced symptoms by at least 50% after receiving Cryotherapy treatment. This was a much greater reduction than in people who did not undergo Cryotherapy in the study.[5]

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