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Limitless BJJ: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Lineage

Limitless BJJ Head Instructor & Founder

Professor Robby Malof

About Black Belt Instructor Robby Malof: BJJ History & Bio

Robby Malof - Limitless BJJ Instructors

Robby Malof is the BJJ Program Director and owner of Limitless BJJ & Fitness.

He is a BJJ Black Belt under 3x World Champion Black Belt Vitor Oliveira. He has also trained and competed in all facets of martial arts since 2006! Robby is the most accomplished BJJ practitioner in the Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky area. Checkout his accomplishments below!

As a world class competitor, he was formerly ranked #1 at NOGI and #4 at GI Brown Belt Middle Weight in the world. He is now ranked in the top 100 black belts pound for pound in the IBJJF!

With over 500 grappling wins and a myriad of wins at large tournaments, Robby shares a level of experience that only a top BJJ athlete can. He has trained several World and PanAm medalist along with several Undefeated MMA fighters! Whether you are looking at BJJ as a hobby or you want to be a world champion Robby has the skill set and experience to fill that desire.

Robby also carries a huge passion for helping those reach their fitness goals. If Interested in Seminars or Private Lessons in BJJ, Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Self-Defense, MMA or Strength & Conditioning contact Robby direct at: robbymalof@gmail.com

Robby Malof’s Grappling Accomplishments

  • 37x IBJJF Medalist
  • 16x NAGA Champion
  • 7x Chicago Open Champion
  • 2x Newbreed Champion
  • Battle In The South Light Weight MMA Champion
  • ADCC Israel Champion
  • Spatola Wrestling Classic Champion
  • Cincinnati Open Champion
  • Washington DC Open Champion
  • Orlando Open Champion
  • Nashville Open Champion
  • Miami Open Champion
  • Boca Raton Open Champion
  • Dallas Open Champion
  • San Jose Open Champion
  • UAEJJF Los Angles Pro Medalist
  • World NOGI Medalist
  • Top 100 p4p black belt in the world (GI & NOGI)
  • GFTeam Black Belt
  • 6-0 MMA Fighter
  • 5-0 Boxer
  • 3-0 Kickboxer
  • Limitless BJJ & Fitness Owner

Coach Daryl Tate

Muay Thai Instructor

Limitless BJJ :: Coach Tate :: Cincinnati Muay Thai

Coach Tate’s Muay Thai & Martial Arts Training Background

Kru in Muay Thai

Coach Tate has been a Muay Thai and boxing coach for over 20 years. He holds the rank of Kru (instructor) under the United States Muay Thai Association. He has extensive training in a form of Muay Boran (ancient boxing), called Muay Chao Cherk (bound fist fighting), and Ler Drit (Thai Military Combat), under the tutaledge of Arjarn Kevin Jakub, co-founder of the USMTA.

He has trained many amateur and professional fighters and was the head striking coach for Team Chaos, an MMA team that was founded in Salem, Oregon.

In boxing, Coach Tate’s top pro is the only fighter to knock down Keith “One Time” Thurman; the current WBA Welterweight Champion. This was a huge accomplishment, considering that they took the fight on two days notice.

As an Atlanta Police Officer, his high level fighting and self defense skill enabled him to be a member of the Mayor’s Executive Protection Unit, where he was assigned to protect the Mayor of Atlanta, his family, and visiting dignitaries. As a K-9 Bomb Detection Handler, Coach Tate was part of a federally certified bomb detection and disposal unit that was responsible for all related bomb threats at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

In Oregon, he was the Lieutenant Coordinator for Use of Force and Defensive Tactics at the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST, the certifying agency for law enforcement in Oregon), where he was responsible for designing and implementing a combat system for police, corrections, and parole & probation.

Coach Tate holds black belts in:

  • Tae Kwon Do,
  • Tang Soo Do,
  • Wing Chun,
  • Guided Chaos.

For inquiries on private and group training call or email coach Tate direct: 404-451-3432

Email – blitztrainer@gmail.com

Bill Daria

BJJ Instructor

Bill’s BJJ & Martial Arts Training Background

BJJ Black Belt

Bill started officially training in Jiu Jitsu February of 1998 in Mount Healthy at a Gracie association affiliate.

His first training partners were Josh Rafferty and Rich Franklin.

He then moved on to Middletown,Ohio where he trained with a lot of high level MMA & BJJ athletes like Billy Rush, Maurice Walker, Neil Rowe, Kerry Schall and Mojo Horne.

He received his blue belt in 2003 and received his purple belt in 2008.

In June of 2016 he received his Brown Belt from Vitor Oliveira and Robby Malof under GFTeam.

On December 1st, 2018, Bill received his Black Belt from Robby Malof, as Robby’s and Limitless BJJ’s first promotion to Black Belt — a title he has well earned after 2 decades of top-tier training.

He feels very blessed to have trained with some very high level people over the years such as: Josh Souder, Dan Doerner, Gustavo Machado, Marcus Aurelio, Sean Wilson, Rich Franklin, Matt Brown & many more!

With over a decade of experience Bill has a great understanding of all the basic and fundamental positions of BJJ.

You can catch Bill’s beginner/fundamentals class every Monday & Wednesday 11:30am – 1pm!

Peter Tanksley

BJJ Instructor

Peter’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training History

BJJ Black Belt

Peter started training in 2009 in Dallas, Texas, under Brandon Quick.

In 2011, he moved to San Antonio to attend the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) where he instructed Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on-campus from 2012-2016.

During his time at UTSA, he also trained off-campus at Pinnacle Martial Arts (head black belt, Robert Brown) and later at Ohana Academy (head black belt, Bruno Alves).

During his time at Ohana (another GFTeam affiliate), Peter trained under black belts Adeildo Jose Junior Show, Gleidson “Poney” Cutis, and Jason Yerrington.

After completing his studies at UTSA, Peter and his wife moved to Cincinnati in 2016, where he is pursuing a PhD. in criminal justice at the University of Cincinnati. Peter began training at Limitless BJJ immediately after moving to Cincinnati and has enjoyed being a part of the Limitless team.

Peter received his Black Belt from Robby Malof on the same day as Bill Daria, December 1st, 2018, becoming Professor Malof’s 2nd Black Belt student promotion.

Peter’s BJJ Promotion History

Blue Belt: Brandon Quick, 2010

Purple Belt: Brandon Quick, 2013

Brown Belt: Adeildo Jose Junior Show, 2016

Black Belt: Robby Malof, 2018

Peter’s Teaching Philosophy

Peter teaches beginners and advanced classes and focuses on the concepts behind techniques and positions. His classes are fast-paced, but with an emphasis on precise, methodical drilling.

Simon Lopez

BJJ Instructor

Limitless BJJ Instructors - Simon Lopez

Simon’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Background

BJJ Purple Belt

Simon began studying the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Robson Moura Nations United (RMNU) association in Florida.

It was there that he was promoted to the rank of purple belt under black belt Lane Andrews at RMNU South Tampa.

He currently teaches BJJ fundamentals and trains with the philosophy that consistency, humility, and a positive attitude are the keys to improving as a martial artist.

Steve Hanes

BJJ Instructor

Limitless BJJ :: Steve Hanes :: Cincinnati Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Steve’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Martial Arts Training History

BJJ Purple Belt

Bio coming soon…

Shannon Maloney

Kids BJJ Instructor

Limitless BJJ Kids Instructor - Shannon Maloney

Shannon’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Martial Arts Training History

BJJ Blue Belt

Shannon Maloney is a juvenile blue belt under Professor Robby Malof. She started training Brazilian jiu jitsu as a 14 year old in 2016, and received her blue belt as a 16 year old in June of 2018. She started jiu jitsu with only a fitness mind set but it quickly changed into her passion.

Shannon co-teaches the limitless kids classes along with coach Michael.
She is an avid competitor and loves supporting the limitless family at tournaments. She considers professor Robby Malof to be one of her biggest inspirations and mentors and a great friend.

Shannon is focused on graduating high school and going for a fine arts scholarship.
She has grown up on the west side of Cincinnati and is well acquainted with the area. She feels very blessed to have found jiu jitsu and to have the opportunity to train with the amazing coaches and members!

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